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At Pawsitively Canine, our passion and expertise is rehabilitating dogs with aggression.



Aggression can take on many forms:


  • Resource guarding (growling, biting when you try to take something away or guarding spaces or people)

  • Aggression towards strangers in the home or outside the home

  • Aggression towards children or moving objects or any other "thing" your dog finds scary

  • Aggression on leash or off leash towards other dogs

  • And more!!


Usually Related to Fear

Often, but not always, aggression and reactivity is related to fear.  Fear turns into aggression.  We teach you how to change your dog's behaviour, while teaching you how to read the body language your dog is telling you.  This way, you are fully equipped to help your dog!!


Nurture a Love of Training in Your Dog

We have worked successfully with many different dogs, many breeds and many sizes.  Force free training helps dogs learn that their triggers (the scary stuff), whether it be people, dogs or other scary objects make good things happen!!  Our methods are unique and your dog will actually love training, instead of being afraid of being corrected!!


We are extremely passionate about the use of positive, force free methods for all training, but especially aggression.  We use science to change how your do feels, NOT pain and intimidation.


We only offer private coaching for aggression; group classes, even if run well, cannot provide the safety, control and one on one attention needed, to help both you and your dog.

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Ian Dunbar calls this “removing the ticker from the time bomb.”

Dogs growl because something upsetting them is too close or intense. If you punish them for tell you this, they are still upset but prevented from letting us know!  This is how many dog bites occur "without warning".  The dog learns "I get punished when I growl, but the scary thing is still scary, so I will just have to go straight to the bite." 

It is much better to make the dog comfortable around what he’s growling and upset about, so he’s not motivated to make it go away.  That is, change his emotion towards that scary thing, and make it predict something great!!  That way, when he sees it, he feels good and as a result, the growling goes away!


One initial consultation of 60-90 mins

Two private coaching sessions

Individualized Training Plan (as needed)

Custom Homework/Notes

Other resources

$395 plus GST


One initial consultation-60-90 mins

Four private coaching sessions

Individulaized Training Plans

Custom Homework/Notes

Other resources including videos

One session every second week

$595 plus GST


One initial consultation-60-90 mins

Four private coaching sessions

Unlimited phone, text and email support

Individualized Training Plans

Custom Homework/Notes

Other resources including videos

One session every 2 weeks for 3 months

$745 plus GST

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